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Welcome to, a website dedicated to helping you better understand the world of Legal Online Gambling. Legal online gambling we hear you say? But we thought all online gambling was legal? Well in actuality depending where you live in the world it could actually be illegal to gamble online even when it’s perfectly legal to go to a land-based casino. It could be illegal to gamble online in certain parts of your country but not in others. Or even the site that you play on could be illegal for all manner of reasons. Whatever it is, we’re here to give you all the information, thanks to our collaboration with, regarding this and a lot more when it comes to legal online gambling and the use of legal online casinos.

Which sites have legal licensing in Canada? These Casinos are licensed and regulated for CA players:

1 Spin Casino Spin Casino
2 Royal Vegas Royal Vegas
3 All Slots All Slots

Your Guide to Legal Online Gambling!

On our site, we cover all aspects of the law relating to online gambling, where you can play, how it’s actually regulated and we also explain the different jurisdictions and give you information about important online gambling authorities. All this is important when you come to make your decision on where to play, as says Tom Lasten on his website. It’s not just the quality of the online establishment you have to worry about these days, it’s also whether it's actually legal for you to play there. There can be strict penalties for breaking anti-gambling laws across the world depending on where you’re situated also.

Legal Online Gambling Quick FAQ’s


We get asked all sort of questions here on our site and we try to answer them through our articles but if you’re one of those ‘too long, didn’t read’ types the two we find that we get most frequently are answered quickly for you now below

Is it illegal to gamble online in America?

This is a big question and one that we answer in a lot more detail in our guide. To give you a quick overview it’s not that online gambling is illegal, it’s that making and receiving an electronic payment to and from an online gambling site is illegal, thus you are unable to use the facilities. There are legal ways around this and there are 3 states in the US where it is legal to gamble online also.

Is it illegal to gamble online in the United Kingdom?

The short answer is no. In fact, the UK gambling commission even white lists certain offshore gambling jurisdictions so that they can market their online casinos to the UK market. In the UK gambling is a core pastime and with the advent of sports betting the UK market has a flutter even more so these days. If you add in the popularity of online bingo, then this is the UK in a nutshell.

The same kind of law applies to those that play in India. There it is not illegal to gamble but the casinos must be registered overseas. You can find the best online casino in India listed in this link

eCOGRA - The Seal of Approval

One mark you should be looking out for when searching for a legal online casino would be the eCOGRA seal, as advises John Corrick. eCOGRA stands for ‘e-Commerce Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance’ and this independent agency was established in the UK around 2003 by iGaming professionals. They are responsible for certifying casino online games and provide independent services to all the industry’s top operators and publishers. They also provide a mediation service for disgruntled consumers. When you play at an eCOGRA approved site not only can you be sure of its legality but also that your rights as a consumer are fully protected at all times.

They are responsible for protecting defenceless customers, making sure online casinos secure your personal data. They make sure that online casinos are not involved in any money laundering and they also provide independent testing of online casinos' random number generators to ensure fairness across the board. Their seal of approval is only awarded once the online casino has met and continues to be compliant with the operating and their industry standards. They are all subject to regular audits by eCOGRA. In Europe, many of these audits target Swedish casinos.

Moral and Legal Responsibility

A legal online casino will always have a moral responsibility towards its players that backed up with a legal framework from a gambling regulatory authority. The two major issues that are heavily monitored and regulated are features and marketing that could promote gambling addiction (free tips, big bonus, etc.) and also underage gambling.

Online Gambling Addiction

Another way you can be sure that an online gambling establishment is fulfilling its moral duties and obligations, and thus operating within the legal framework set out by the relevant authority, is by checking what measures they have in place to help curb online gambling addiction. Most reputable casinos offer daily limits and also self-imposed limits through the account option settings that are available to keep players from overspending or to assist in times when gambling has become a problem for the player. Gambling addiction is a serious matter and reputable and legal online gambling establishments have a moral and legal responsibility to their customers to provide a fair and safe environment from which to enjoy recreational online gambling, without being pushed into playing through marketing or lack of monetary limiting assistance.

Underage Online Gambling

To ensure there is no underage gambling occurring at an online casino, rigorous checks must be carried out by the operators to ensure that players are of legal age to play there, as it is written on With anonymous payment systems these days it can be a tough job however there are stringent checks which are bound by the law that the operators must carry out and be satisfied with before opening an online account for a new player. This includes identity checks and financial checks as well as other methods to ensure only people of legal age play at their online casinos.

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It’s in your best interests to be fully up to speed on all the laws surrounding online gaming in your country and we will help you learn all the most important aspects of legalities surrounding different aspects of online gambling. It is after all your responsibility to make sure you know the full extent of the laws by which you are bound when playing online. The last thing you want is a knock at the door from the authorities because you were too lazy to read if you’re allowed to gamble online in your state or country. We research all this information and present it in an easy to understand format at no charge to keep you protected as consumers and players. We will also provide you with a full guide to play 100% legal free slot games. Have fun!